Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hurry Up And Wait - from the set of "The Association"

So I am sitting in the hallway scrunched up in a little corner.  I have to stop typing every few minutes when they call "quiet on the set".  I'm sure the lady that volunteered her house for the shoot had no idea it would be taken over to this level!!  Seriously, the only rooms that haven't been taken over for this movie are the Master Bathroom and the little girl's room!!!  The guest bathroom has become "hair/make up", the baby's room is now "wardrobe", the game room seems to be headquarters for the Assistant Directors, the patio is home to "Craft Services", even the master bedroom is being used as an office.  To top it off, they can't run the A/C because the sound would be horrible for the cameras!!  We drove in last night, had a 1:00 call time, have been waiting over 3 hours to shoot, and are LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Seriously, Kaitlin walked in the door of the house (I was parking the car and lugging in all the stuff).  She was greeted by the director's assistant who immediately announced that "Faith Cassidy" was here.  She then asked Kaitlin if she could get her a water, orange juice or anything else.  Kaitlin said she'd like a water, and the assistant quickly brought her a water, AND an orange juice (just in case).    She was then whisked away to Hair and Makeup where the ladies from Paul Mitchell worked magic with a hair straightener to give her an awesome crimped look (think 1990s only so much cooler)! 

She is seriously in heaven!!  When we  broke for lunch at Which Witch, she wrote "Faith" on her lunch bag and we both sat there giggling while we waited for them to call her name!!

There is a saying in showbusiness - "Hurry up and wait."  Which basically means you better bust your rear to get to the set on time, but be prepared to wait a long, long time!!  Luckily, Kaitlin and I (and my other acting girls - Allie and Hailey) have learned to LOVE the wait time!  There is so much to see and learn on a movie set :)  I could get used to this....but I need to remember to bring a chair and a small fan with me every time!!

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