Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kaitlin on set of "The Association"

Home again, home again.  Kaitlin and I are back home after filming in Austin today for The Association, and we are still in love with the process.  The experience is a bit of an ego bruiser for me I have to say...I am noticing that I am not very high on the food chain on set!  I again dropped Kaitlin at the door, and went to park the car.  As I was struggling, once again, with her stuff, I was greeted with, "Are those Faith's bags?  She is upstairs in hair and makeup."  That's it.  No "Hi", "How ya doing?", "Thanks for giving birth to that amazing child up there in hair and make up.".....nothing.  I'm not really complaining, though....they have jobs to do, and frankly, I'm just relieved to not be in charge of anything for once!  I will gladly be known as "the lady who carries Faith's bags and sits quietly in a corner."

Watching the Footage
Although I wasn't given a royal greeting, I did move up in status from sitting in a corner in the upper hallway to sitting in a corner in the master bedroom.  This may sound unimpressive at first, but the master bedroom is the room where the directors, etc. gather to view the footage from the monitor!  This was amazingly cool.  At first Taylor's dad (Taylor plays Kaitlin's brother - Dennis) and I were sitting as quietly and invisibly as we could in the corner, but we gradually ventured out to where we were sitting amongst "the big wigs" viewing footage right along with them (still trying to be invisible).  If I had to pick my ONE most important piece of advice to give parents on set, it would be to BE INVISIBLE!  Stay out of the way, but be there if you are needed.  Many jobs are lost for child actors by obnoxious parents - or so I've heard :)

Kaitlin learned something cool on set today, too.  She discovered that if she asked for a food or beverage, it would be given to her...almost as if it fell from the sky.  Example, "Red Bull"....PA (Production Assistant) magically hands her a Red Bull.  "Banana"...PA hands her a banana.  I have a feeling she is going to need some de-programming when this is done.

Another excitement of the day (and I am not being sarcastic when I say this) was my hunt for a wedding ring.  Just as they were about to shoot, they realized they didn't have a wedding ring for Faith's mom, Nina (played by the fabulous Melody Cobb).  Well, my theater teacher/problem solving persona kicked into high gear, and I was on a hunt for a wedding ring.  Mine didn't fit, so I dashed out at high speed for a store that sold costume jewelry.  Thanks to my handy dandy GPS on my phone, I was able to find a Target and emerged with a perfect $20 wedding ring!  They ended up finding another ring to use, but it still felt cool to run around Austin hunting for a prop for a film.  I've always said I would love to be a PA.  I'm sure it is grueling work, but my ADD personality would love to be the person that runs around doing completely random jobs!!

One of the difficult parts about managing my children's acting careers is balancing this fantasy life with my real one.  Kaitlin is the oldest of 4 children, and while we are off on set, the other 3 are going about their normal lives at home with Dad or Grandmother.  Well, today, Braden went home sick from school.  It turns out he has strep throat.  Also, tomorrow Allie and Hailey have a Lip Sync show at school, which I am directing (since I am one of the Theater Arts teachers at their school).  Towards the end of the shoot today, the director mentioned that he would like Kaitlin in the scene tomorrow (which she was not originally scheduled for).  Well, of course we both wanted to stay...because it's fun, but also because it means more on camera time for Kaitlin.  Plus, it is soooooo important to be flexible in this business.  If the director asks you to stay.  Well, this meant getting another hotel room, finding a substitute for me for tomorrow, leaving my husband with our sick child, Kaitlin missing another day of school, and not being there tomorrow for last minute rehearsals for the Lip Sync Show.  They ended up not needing us, so we were able to go home, but it's decisions and sacrifices like this that make this business so difficult!  Luckily, we have amazing directors and crew that view Kaitlin as a child (not just an actor)!

Kaitlin and Ken Thomas
I am just so excited for everyone to see this movie!!  The storyline is amazing, the writing is hysterical, and the cinematography is beautiful.  Not to mention the amazing cast (name dropping time)....Today we got to meet Ken Thomas-he was in G.I. Joe and Miss Congeniality, and Kaitlin's family is a group of really wonderful, funny actors!  We feel so blessed to be a part of such an awesome production!!

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